Maian Support

Language Packs - v1.2

Only language packs shown here are available. All are in Zip format. Refer to the readme file in the Zip file for installation instructions.

If you have translated Maian Support and would like to share your translation, please contact us.

Please only contact us if you have completed translations, thank you. Free licences are offered for completed translations. A.I translations are allowed.

Turkish Language Files

MD5: 5979D194B8D91BE427E34A1FEC14C643
SHA1: 6EC217D66AA242A0A64C371E34FFBAF12DCF8641

Spanish Language Files

MD5: 7617E5FFF142E638BCD6EC473BA3BF6B
SHA1: 80147B22D15232CC3F39200CC62AE3CB885F87BF

Russia Language Files

MD5: 2F75CB9AE6498AEC84BD8BB4FDF20699
SHA1: C2B026C81EC380C9E492C1186794D9F47E946609

Netherlands Language Files

MD5: 4DFE622A6B2E15E78BD8D0016A806BB8
SHA1: F4881EFA016F21B4C1602B62B1A13026F0660EDD

Italian Language Files

SHA1: 4A192D1F9C72788F65106B2D895277246095565A

German Language Files

MD5: 3806CA400AEE8092EE97DCE405BF5494
SHA1: FB18F7B91AF565C1B950C24DF71B436E85FD6AB2

French Language Files

MD5: A84E26E4B0F3BA6C6B183F84E93BE336
SHA1: 35D269A41440845E1CAFD50467E5CBF33D71DCBC

Brazilian Language Files

MD5: 7CAA98EAEEA988C36600E61B019CACBD
SHA1: 9FF3867FC3715A6F820A6712A9FD31ECCFFFFC08