Maian Support

Language Packs - v1.3

Only language packs shown here are available. All are in Zip format. Refer to the readme file in the Zip file for installation instructions.

If you have translated Maian Support and would like to share your translation, please contact us.

Please only contact us if you have completed translations, thank you. Free licences are offered for completed translations.

German Language Pack

Submitted by: Falko Böhm MD5: DB90EC783FBC5865ACFD0942EB1069DB
SHA1: EB7766DEFC29AB4AB594AA363C40E5403AFC4B95

Turkish Language Pack

Submitted by: Arda Kilicdagi/Ferdi Cildiz/Kadir Gulagiz MD5: 8A6EB7AE6ECB9C21454000D2475EF7C1
SHA1: 5818169060DC1DB053C3591DB18BA8981BC06DED

Italian Language Pack

Submitted by: Roberto Bisceglia MD5: BFA0FEDB8A140BEB53A2FFB0512E76D3
SHA1: 61A6A50E44ADD01553478BA97B90AAC4022AD7CE

Arabic Language Pack

Submitted by: Hazem Talab MD5: C8AADD389DD7658B24ACDE7827F2F515
SHA1: 2DA6BA44EDED809C77FB2510AF41D38AE9EF7903

Russian Language Pack

Submitted by: Evgeniy Minakov MD5: 07EB2155967E1107FE91B7C5CED6ADA6
SHA1: 272C3E20DDB30730865D618F7B692B3757F6D881

French Language Pack

Submitted by: Stéphane Hanrez MD5: CEE22315B6B59610DFC6CEB6F09A2D5C
SHA1: 87B04F51E7618286E4B68F23029A7F23548799FF

Dutch Language Pack

Submitted by: Ron A.J. Hartendorp MD5: 638A4637F62113CD93D02F8FDA2529CD
SHA1: 2D8E623791B376AFEB10705AF991DB7BC4706575

Spanish Language Pack

Submitted by: Carlos Vázquez MD5: BC01F95A45363982698685A174C20AED
SHA1: 8DF062D7A4CAC07688101E116E8AA8312AB93491

Brazilian Language Pack

Submitted by: Bill MD5: 550744297110CE2E6F9CC0E4851276CF
SHA1: BAA9FCA627F6C7F9AD704774379472F5995EC95B