I have been always looking for a decent helpdesk for my URL shortener websites. I don't make money off these websites, so I couldn't afford to pay for SaaS helpdesks. I found Maian Support while I was trying out all the available helpdesk software out there. David replied to all my presale questions in a timely manner. I also see that he implemented a suggestion of mine, this makes me one step closer to buying the helpdesk. I finally bought it during promotional period (very thankful)! I like that Maian Support being a one-time payment licence (very suitable for personal use). The installation process is a breeze (I love manual installation rather than Softaculous way). I also love the fact that it sports a responsive design and this makes it really neat regardless of different device screen sizes. The helpdesk just makes sense when using it as the useful functionalities and features are there. I use it with a free live chat software, they make a perfect combination. I do recommend this helpdesk!