Changelog / History

Maian Support release history is shown below. If a major new version is in development, progress is shown below:

Maian Support Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 3.6 (14/07/2017):
[+] Added option for admin ticket search to also search ticket ID numbers on ticket list screens
[+] Added support for PHP7.1
[*] Improvements to imap routines and character encoding
[*] PHPMailer class updated to latest stable release (5.2.23)
[-] Fixed bug preventing staff members from filtering by tickets they were assigned to
[-] Fixed bug with ticket filters on certain installations. Broken via minor update.
[-] Fixed connection issue for imap routines when reading multipart/alternative messages
[-] Fixed imap spam filters issue where changes weren`t reflected after page refresh
[-] Fixed upgrade routine mysql issue preventing 'apiHandlers' column from being added

Version 3.5 (18/01/2017):
[*] Updated PHPMailer class to v5.2.21
[-] Added date fixes to servers running MySQL in strict mode
[-] Fixed bug preventing tickets being moved to new account if email was updated by admin
[-] Fixed bug related to ticket edit reply permissions in admin control panel
[-] Fixed bug that caused admin added ticket to not appear on assigned page if set
[-] Fixed bug where base64 encoded imap messages were not being correctly identified and returning garbled code
[-] Fixed critical security issue with ajax calls for admin control panel. As reported by
[-] Fixed list tag BBcode display errors
[-] Fixed undefined index error on view ticket screens

Version 3.4 (02/06/2016):
[-] Fixed a couple of undefined index errors related to standard responses
[-] Fixed bug on closed disputes page for restricted staff members causing page to fail to load
[-] Fixed bug that caused name display errors for visitor who initially opened ticket
[-] Fixed bug that prevented departments from displaying on Thursdays if day was set.
[-] Fixed custom page error when header code was uncommented to show custom pages in menu
[-] Fixed display errors in Webkit based browsers due to invalid syntax in bootstrap CSS file
[-] Fixed invalid Run Now link for email digest on staff creation page. Broke in previous version.
[-] Fixed invalid image links in CSS files. Broke in previous version.
[-] Fixed javascript bug caused by minifying javascript files that prevented admin graphs from working. Broke in 3.3.
[-] Fixed minor duplicate div ID issue related to custom pages and FAQ

Version 3.3 (25/04/2016):
[+] Added support for PHP7
[*] API updated with option to send and save attachment with original file names
[*] Fixed a couple of typos in the English language files
[*] jQuery library updated to latest stable release
[-] Fixed API bug that prevented attachments from saving where tickets had single attachment. Possibly broke in 3.2.
[-] Fixed bug causing BB code to not parse at all on FAQ pages
[-] Fixed bug that caused admin footer text to display in the frontend footer
[-] Fixed bug that caused tickets to be hidden accidentally for tickets opened via email if a reply was received before the ticket was assigned. ie: auto reply
[-] Fixed bug that prevented create ticket page from working if no attachments were enabled
[-] Fixed database backup issue when database name was in uppercase characters
[-] Fixed display bug if BBCode was enabled, but the text contained no BB code
[-] Fixed imap decoding bug on certain HTML emails
[-] Fixed undefined error message when attachments were disabled

Version 3.2 (20/12/2015):
[*] Improved appearance of overlay spinner and improved positioning when screen was scrolled
[*] In admin, greyed out attachments boxes option to avoid confusion in the free version. Max 1 only.
[-] Fixed database error when tickets were filtered on account ticket history screen
[-] Fixed generic error message on installer and added more info if installer fails
[-] Fixed installer bug for database with hyphens in name
[-] Fixed issue that caused attachments to not be uploaded in the free version
[-] Fixed issue that caused standard responses to be saved with each ticket update
[-] Fixed issue that prevented certain BB code formatting on new pages
[-] Fixed issue with html characters in comments not displaying correctly.
[-] Fixed issue with incorrect links on admin homescreen.
[-] Fixed mail test for smtp setup. Not correctly configured in v3.1
[-] Fixed upgrade routine bug that caused spinner to keep spinning when ticket responses were added
[-] Fixed various department order by bugs where the ordering was incorrect
[-] Fixed various validation errors due to misplaced div if content screens contained no data.
[-] Fixed word wrap issue which caused links to invalidate on new pages over a certain length

Version 3.1 (14/10/2015):
[+] Added basic search to all ticket lists screen in admin control panel
[+] Added better debugging for file uploads to identify upload issues faster
[+] Added direction tag to header templates for languages that support ltr
[+] Added edit ticket / reply permission flags for support team members
[+] Added new admin screen "Search Tickets by Custom Fields". Enables ticket search via custom field value.
[+] Added option for attachments to be included in notification emails when ticket is opened by imap. Enable / disable in imap settings.
[+] Added option for visitor to resend confirmation email on account verification screen
[+] Added option to add custom pages. Pages can be visible in account area only and visibility can be set per account.
[+] Added option to disable account creation notification for imap tickets
[+] Added option to show ticket departments on certain days only.
[+] Added path check for local file FAQ attachments. If the file doesn`t exist, link doesn`t display
[+] Added ticket quick view links to all ticket list screens in admin. Enables quick view of ticket and replies.
[+] Added white label license. Market and sell the product as your own.
[+] FAQ questions can now be set as featured to always display on ticket homescreen
[*] Added option for visitors to filter F.A.Q search by individual categories
[*] Added option to display FAQ category question counts to settings under FAQ tab
[*] Admin account search screen merged with account management screen
[*] Admin mailbox messages marked as unread, now automatically move back to the inbox
[*] Admin post preview options removed
[*] Better support for small devices via Twitter bootstrap 3
[*] Deprecated MySQL functions removed and replaced with MySQLi
[*] Email digest updated to parse ticket date / times by staff timezone. Spam and assign included for users if permissions allow.
[*] Encryption systems updated from md5 to sha1 for better security. Fallback to md5 for existing logins.
[*] FAQ parent categories can now be set as private. If set, all sub cats and questions are visible only when a user is logged in.
[*] Google recaptcha upgraded to v2.0
[*] IP Addresses are now logged for ticket history entries
[*] Imap notification emails from admin now contain comments directly in email.
[*] Improved attachment handling when uploading files. Progress bars show upload status.
[*] In admin, assigned staff are now managed from the ticket edit screen, not the ticket view screen
[*] In admin, ticket attachments are now deletable from the ticket/reply edit screens, as well as ticket view screen
[*] Removed PHP4 support. PHP5 or higher now required.
[*] Removed ioncube encryption system
[*] Support staff with access to ticket assign page can now assign any ticket
[*] Ticket history entries now written for tickets / replies added via imap
[*] Ticket history now remains visible even when ticket is closed
[*] Tickets can now be deleted via all ticket list screens, not just closed
[*] Updated all post actions to use Ajax to prevent page refreshes
[*] Removed batch operations from admin advanced ticket search screen
[-] Fixed MYSQL error on admin ticket search screen
[-] Fixed MySQL error when replying to ticket and adding standard response
[-] Fixed a few bugs related to ticket assigning in admin
[-] Fixed bug causing all messages to be deleted when emptying mailbox bin
[-] Fixed bug causing data to be truncated for certain utf-8 characters
[-] Fixed bug causing valid emails to be flagged as invalid. ie, emails with + symbol.
[-] Fixed bug preventing admin support team responses page from returning no search criteria
[-] Fixed bug preventing none main admin staff member from adding departments
[-] Fixed bug preventing none main admin staff member from editing ticket
[-] Fixed bug preventing none main admin staff member from editing ticket replies
[-] Fixed bug related to filesizes on remote FAQ attachment files
[-] Fixed bug that caused FAQ attachments to display if they were disabled
[-] Fixed bug where admin purchase link didn`t appear until after a licence was applied
[-] Fixed bug where ampersands weren`t converted correctly in plain text emails causing login failures
[-] Fixed bug with enable account checkbox not saving on staff edit page in admin
[-] Fixed bug with uppercase characters in database name causing backup page to fail.
[-] Fixed fatal error when users were added to a dispute
[-] Fixed imap issues related to inline attachments and base64 encoded emails
[-] Fixed problems with UTC timestamps. May cause older tickets to show wrong time.
[-] Fixed several undefined error messages related to ticket updates
[-] Fixed visitor dispute search bug causing search to fail
[-] Various security fixes and updates

Version 3.0 (28/05/2014):
[+] (API) Accounts can now be opened via the api. Useful if you want to open a support account with the same login credentials after another operation. ie, a product sale.
[+] (API) Added api debug log. Useful to debug responses when using API method.
[+] (API) Now supports JSON as well as XML. Both methods can be enabled or disabled.
[+] (Admin) Added mail test options under smtp settings. Easily test emails are working OK. Supports multiple addresses.
[+] (Admin) Added new option on ticket search screen to export ticket overview stats for selected tickets
[+] (Admin) Added new option to tools page. Global Password Reset. Enables global password update. Note that this is ONLY available to the global administrator for security reasons.
[+] (Admin) Added new visitor accounts section to admin. Accounts can be managed or added via new section.
[+] (Admin) Added option not to send email notifications if visitor closes ticket with reply
[+] (Admin) Added option to specify alternative attachments base path.
[+] (Admin) Added option to specify how many entry logs to keep. Can help with database overheads.
[+] (Admin) Added reCaptcha theme and language settings to control panel
[+] (Admin) Backend notes can now be added for support team members
[+] (Admin) Brand new internal messaging system for admin users. Inbox, outbox and folder creation. Can be enabled/disabled per user.
[+] (Admin) If you add additional pages to the admin area (custom programmed), you can determine which staff members can access page via additional page rules.
[+] (Admin) New feature: Ticket History - Overview in admin of all ticket actions. Optional and can be enabled/disabled per support team user.
[+] (Admin) Tickets can now be added via the admin interface. Useful for phone queries.
[+] (Frontend) Added Print Friendly support for articles (
[+] (Frontend) Added better multi language support for visitors. You can now set a template set to load per language.
[+] (Frontend) Added option to require visitors to be signed in to open tickets. This is optional.
[+] (Frontend) Added options to set max login attempts and ban time for visitor accounts
[+] (Frontend) Added visitor account entry logs. Can be enabled/disabled per account.
[+] (Global) Added custom PHP error handler. Can be disabled if required.
[+] (Global) Brand new interface with html5 responsive layout for tablets/mobile devices. Uses twitter bootstrap.
[+] (Imap) Added skip filters. Any skip flags found permanently delete and ignore message. Useful for filtering out mailer-daemon messages.
[+] (Imap) Implemented Tobias Leupold`s b8 spam filtering system ( Can be enabled per account. Helps to filter incoming spam to imap mailboxes. Messages can be deleted immediately or put on hold for later acceptance.
[+] (Imap) Improvements to imap functions. Added timeout and memory override options and also debug log.
[*] (Admin) Added option to most admin pages to set how many entries to load per page. This supercedes any set restrictions.
[*] (Admin) Added order by and filter by options to many admin pages.
[*] (Admin) Additional emails can now be set for admin users, so notifications can go to multiple addresses
[*] (Admin) All admin ticket lists (open, closed etc) now show last reply name, date and time.
[*] (Admin) Database backup email addresses are now remembered and auto filled next time.
[*] (Admin) Entry log can now be filtered by date range
[*] (Admin) Improvements to ticket assigning. Ticket ID and subject are now included in notification emails.
[*] (Admin) POP3 option removed from imap settings to avoid confusion. All imap accounts must now be set to read imap mailboxes.
[*] (Admin) Standard responses and FAQ questions can now be added to selected categories instead of single or all
[*] (Admin) Standard responses, priority levels, F.A.Q, departments, imap acccount, custom fields and users are now fully searchable
[*] (Admin) The ability to merge tickets is now optional and can be enabled/disabled per support team member.
[*] (Admin) Ticket search updated to search ticket subject and ticket notes
[*] (Admin) Updated admin ticket search to also search reply comments. This is optional.
[*] (Cron) Improvements to auto close routine. Tickets now grouped for visitors, resulting in single emails instead of multiple.
[*] (Cron) Improvements to email digest. Disputes only included if enabled. Ticket assign information only included if enabled. Digest can be enabled/disabled per support staff.
[*] (Frontend) Better search routine for visitor accounts with optional filters.
[*] (Frontend) Dispute system can now be enabled or disabled depending on preference. Disabled by default.
[*] (Frontend) Entry log now logs IP address
[*] (Frontend) F.A.Q attachments can now be in any location within the support system
[*] (Frontend) Standard responses can now be ordered for display order preference.
[*] (Frontend) Ticket attachments can now be enabled or disabled and also ordered on FAQ screens.
[*] (Frontend) Ticket/F.A.Q attachment paths are now masked and instead referenced by query string parameter.
[*] (Frontend) Visitors can now NOT add additional replies if tickets are waiting to be assigned to support staff.
[*] (Global) BBcode is now enabled by default for admin users. Optional for visitor accounts.
[*] (Global) Emails are now sent in html and plain text format by default for a nicer presentation.
[*] (Global) Javascript libraries updated to latest stable releases. jQuery to version 1.11.0
[*] (Global) PHP4 support dropped. Now only supports PHP5 or higher.
[*] (Global) Standard PHP mail option dropped. SMTP must now be used for all mail operations.
[*] (Global) Updated mailer to latest stable release. Added security options (tls or ssl) and debug mode to admin settings.
[*] (Imap) Added code to attempt to clean up quoted text better when reading emails. Not 100% accurate, but a step forward.
[-] (Admin) Fixed bug relating to admin reply ticket times and specific timezone settings.
[-] (Admin) Fixed bug with imap priority settings not saving
[-] (Cron) Fixed fatal error encoding issue preventing close tickets and email digest crons from executing.
[-] (Global) Fixed all pagination issues not including certain get parameters.

Version 2.2 (18/02/2013):
[+] Added batch operations to admin search screen
[+] Added new admin reports screen. Overview of total tickets with date,department etc filters and CSV export option
[+] Added new password reset option to reset admin user login details. Refer to FAQ in docs
[+] Added option to enable/disable system and re-enable on specific date (Settings)
[+] Added option to send email notification if tickets/disputes are auto closed by the system (Settings)
[+] Added popular BBcode formatting buttons to comments and reply boxes
[+] Added support for Vimeo and YouTube bbcode tags
[+] Added support for custom mail headers. Info on F.A.Q page in docs.
[+] F.A.Q categories now support sub categories
[+] F.A.Q questions now support attachments via new attachments section
[+] Priority levels can now be managed via the admin interface. Settings > Priority Levels
[+] Tickets can now be assigned to users/staff. This is available on a department level.
[*] Added better PHP5 timezone support. Legacy code for PHP4.
[*] Added option back in to auto parse urls into clickable links if BBCode is disabled.
[*] Admin messenger option can now send to specific support team members, rather than all
[*] Custom fields can now be set differently per department
[*] Database backup now only displays and backs up tables related to Maian Support schema, not all tables in database
[*] Encoding removed on 90% of files. Only certain core files are now encoded.
[*] Moved option to rename attachments into admin settings. Default changed to NOT rename on install.
[*] Update to stored dates & times for tickets/replies. Now stored as unix timestamps for better compatibility with timezones and server switches
[*] Updated XML voting system to use Json. Legacy support for PHP4 or older
[*] Updated jQuery library to latest stable release (1.83)
[*] XML-RPC API for data posts now supports base64 encoded attachments
[-] Fixed MySQL bug on tools page when purging tickets.
[-] Fixed a couple of minor PHP errors related to E_STRICT which were introduced in PHP5.4
[-] Fixed attachment path issue for admin emails. Broken in 2.1, but only applicable to 2.1
[-] Fixed bug where dispute names were not being correctly displayed on admin view dispute screen
[-] Fixed bug where priority level text was incorrect in imap emails
[-] Fixed bug where standard response categories were displaying incorrectly on standard responses page in admin
[-] Fixed bugs with pagination on admin log, ticket merge and search tickets screens

Version 2.1 (18/03/2012):
[+] Added 'from' name and email addresses for users for ticket notification emails
[+] Added BBCode support
[+] Added message preview options
[+] Added option to send user login details via email when added via admin
[+] Added optional e-mail notification for admin ticket edits. Silent mode can also be enabled which always sends notification to the administrative user
[+] Added separate email template files for imap tickets
[+] Added ticket notepad. Useful for backend notes
[+] Additional priority levels can be set if required. See docs
[+] Admin quick links for easy access to certain pages. See docs
[+] Custom fields for ticket creation and replies
[+] Database can now be backed up from admin
[+] Delete privileges for support team members
[+] Departments can now be re-ordered in drop down
[+] Dispute system so multiple users can view the same ticket
[+] E-mail digest. Daily notification (via cron) of open tickets/disputes. Commercial only
[+] Multi language interface possible. See docs
[+] Quick message preview for admin users to view ticket message without clicking to view ticket
[+] Ticket users can now have their portal access enabled/disabled via admin
[+] Tickets can now be opened from XML http data posts. See docs
[+] Unlimited imap accounts can now be set
[+] When adding departments, you can now pre-populate ticket subject/comments with default text. This is ONLY for the initial selection. It remains unchanged for further selections if the fields contain data
[*] Ad bar removed from free version
[*] Added MySQL locale and character set support
[*] Added password generator on user creation page
[*] Admin comments now included in outgoing emails as default
[*] Documentation updated and re-written
[*] Entry log can now be cleared on a per user level
[*] FAQ questions and categories can now be enabled/disabled
[*] FAQ renamed from Knowledge Base
[*] Many cosmetic improvements, code enhancements, bug fixes and security updates
[*] Re-structured attachments folder to prevent too many files being added to a single folder. Existing attachments use old paths
[*] Removed flash graphs in favour of jqPlot
[*] Removed jQuery auto complete function in favour of jQuerys native auto complete
[*] Removed spam sum and added support for Googles reCaptcha system
[*] Standard responses can now be enabled/disabled
[*] Ticket users can now update their email address and password
[*] Updated PHP mailing system to latest stable release
[*] User signatures can now be included in outgoing emails
[*] Visitors are now forced to select department rather than first one alphabetically being default
[*] XML routines updated and re-coded
[*] jQuery framework added for more robust javascript handling
[-] Issue causing standard responses callback to fail with certain foreign characters
[-] Issue where certain multi byte foreign characters were truncating message posts
[-] Issue where imap accounts didn`t move mail if specified in settings. imap accounts only
[-] Issue where system wasn`t always sending out notifications to admin users
[-] Issue with multiple attachments sometimes generating the same file name
[-] Javascript bugs related to html5 parser

Version 2.01 (13/11/2010):
[+] Source Guardian encoding system replaced with ionCube

Version 2.0 (12/06/2010):
[+] Access levels
[+] Admin portal options
[+] All deprecated warnings for PHP6
[+] Auto zipping option
[+] BB Code
[+] Ban filters
[+] Brand new system
[+] Captcha code in favour of simple sum
[+] Contact users option
[+] FULLTEXT search capabilities for knowledge base
[+] Import options
[+] Knowledge base categories
[+] Knowledge base voting system
[+] Licence Changed
[+] Live support module
[+] Multiple attachments
[+] MySQL4 support to installer
[+] Option to create tickets from e-mails
[+] PHP mailer system to latest stable releases (PHP 4 & 5)
[+] Savant template engine to include version 3 (Supports PHP4 & PHP5)
[+] Search engines
[+] Source guardian encryption
[+] Standard responses
[+] Ticket merge option
[+] Ticket portal and login
[+] Ticket/reply statistic graphs
[+] To XHTML Strict. 99% tableless layout
[+] User reply statistic graph

Version 1.3 (24/03/2007):
[+] Added SMTP options to settings
[+] Added ban filters
[+] Added filter by option for knowledge base in admin area
[+] Added option for admin to auto close tickets after x amount of days if no response is made
[+] Added option for admin to merge ticket on updating
[+] Added option for admin to permanently close tickets
[+] Added option to auto parse website name/paths in e-mail templates on install
[+] Added pagination to admin search page
[+] Added printer friendly version for admin when viewing ticket
[+] Added tools option to admin area to purge closed tickets or attachments
[*] Cosmetic update
[*] Free licence changed to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Licence
[*] Minor coding updates/bug fixes/improvements
[*] Moved all html data to templates directory for easier editing of public view
[*] Moved all html table data to templates folder for easier editing
[*] Moved all style content to stylesheet for easier editing of public view
[*] Public interface updated with stand alone knowledge base
[*] Updated admin search to search ticket id
[*] Updated pagination to hide links if there are lots of tickets
[*] Visitor can now update the attachment with each response
[-] Made auto zipping of attachments optional and fixed problem uploading files with spaces
[-] Removed case sensitivity issue when specifying files for attachments

Version 1.2 (24/06/2006):
[+] Added ability for administrators to view user response times
[+] Added auto log in redirect to admin area to take admin direct to ticket
[+] Added e-mail notification option for users
[+] Added filter by options when viewing open or closed tickets
[+] Added live support module
[+] Added preview option for admin when adding tickets & responses
[+] Added signatures to users
[+] Added time offset function
[*] Added ability for admin to be able to update e-mail addresses
[*] Added ability to update captcha preferences in admin area
[*] Updated documentation
[*] Updated interface

Version 1.1 (18/03/2006):
[+] Added captcha code for spam prevention
[*] Updated login security vulnerability
[-] Fixed security vulnerability with admin login

Version 1.0 (10/09/2005):
[+] Version 1.0 Released


The next release is being prepared. Here`s what new:

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

[*] PHPMailer library updated to 6.0.3
[*] Admin slide menu changed due to licence changes with mmenu script from mmenu author
[*] Font awesome library updated to 4.7.0
[*] Twitter bootstrap library updated to 3.3.7
[*] PHP min version required now 5.5 or higher. Older version support removed.
[*] jQuery library updated to 3.2.1
[-] Fixed version check link for main admin user, broke in previous version
[*] Password storage updated to use PHP`s password bcrypt API. All passwords must be reset.
[+] Added lock/ close / open ticket options to ticket list screens for quicker ops
[-] Fixed case sensitivity issue with user email addresses for some servers that prevented login
[+] Added print option for tickets to admin ticket list screens and ticket view screen
[+] Ticket admin search screens now display ticket status, eg: Closed, Open, Locked etc
[+] Added option for staff to add custom notes to the ticket history.
[+] Added priority to ticket reply area so priority can be changed on ticket update
[*] Removed jPlot graph plugin, added Chartist graph plugin for lighter code and better responsive display
[+] Added last 20 replies (can be adjusted) to staff performance page
[+] Added option to set ticket status as closed automatically for admin staff replies
[*] Admin homepage graph now shows all tickets for current and previous year. Filters removed.
[*] Staff performance graph now shows just current year and previous year with additional stats added to page
[*] Removed B8 spam filter and Google recaptcha service. Added support for CleanTalk anti spam API.
[*] Added easy options to move tickets to spam tickets. Spam system updated for standard and imap tickets.
[*] jQuery form plugin updated to 4.2.2 for jQuery 3 compatibility
[+] Added new option to imap settings. Auto cleaning of quoted data in message body is now optional.
[+] Added option to lock open tickets when being reviewed by staff. Helps prevent two staff from replying at the same time.
[+] Added option to set default department on ticket creation page load
[+] Added option to set default priority per department
[+] Added support for free live support system
[+] Visitor email address now visible on admin ticket view screen. Requested feature.
[+] Added option for random ticket numbers. If enabled, ticket numbers are generated randomnly
[*] Added options to staff permissions. You can now set close and lock permissions for tickets.
[+] Added email digest debug log. Can be enabled in the email-digest.php file. Mainly for dev debugging.
[+] Added new imap option to prevent tickets from being re-opened by email if enabled
[+] Department can now be preloaded on ticket creation page via 'set_dept' parameter. Example: index.php?p=open&set_dept=17. Requested Feature.
[*] Brand new admin control panel homescreen
[*] For API, attachments are now always renamed if the file exists, regardless of attachment settings. Prevents attachments being accidentally overwritten.
[*] If the FAQ / Knowledge Base system is disabled, it is now not shown in the left hand admin menu
[*] Additional Staff can now be administrators. If this is enabled, administrators have access to all admin areas.
[+] Various display improvements for small screens
[+] Added staff report to staff list screen. Shows basic stats. Will be enhanced in future versions.
[-] Fixed MySQL bug when searching the entry log in the admin CP
[+] Added time tracking option to ticket view / reply page to see overview of current time worked on ticket
[*] Added wordwrap options to settings for desktops, phone and tablets. Helps prevent display stretching. Previous versions had hard coded values.
[*] FAQ categories can now be restricted to individual accounts, not just logged in accounts
[*] Pagination HTML has now been moved to the template folders
[-] Fixed button label on add custom field page. Incorrectly labelled as 'Add New Level'.
[+] Added missing doc page for other staff profile updates
[*] Removed admin quick links menu
[*] Visitor portal FAQ categories and pages now accessible via off canvas menu
[+] Added BBcode support for Daily Motion videos
[-] Fixed BBCode video display for YouTube and Vimeo Videos, now responsive
[+] Permission checks added to attachment downloads.
[-] Fixed bug that prevented standard responses from being searched if no department restrictions were set
[*] FAQ questions can now only be in single categories as multiple categories are pointless for FAQ.
[*] Added option to disallow opening of new tickets if at least 1 ticket is already open
[+] Added support for PHP mail function, an alternative to SMTP.
[+] Added imap ban filters. Easy way to block the sytem from reading certain emails when tickets are opened by email.
[-] Fixed various typos in documentation and language files and other small language bugs.
[+] Added colour highlighters for priority levels on ticket list screens in admin CP
[+] Added option to set admin CP language for support staff. Useful for multilingual operations.
[+] Custom pages and FAQ questions can now load from custom templates. Useful for additional code execution and custom code.
[-] Fixed display issue for certain BB code tags when wrapped inside other tags

- - - - - - - -
Last updated: 16 Jan 2018, Estimated release date: Early 2018. Currently in beta.

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