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Maian Support release history is shown below. If a new version is in progress, information will be shown below, beneath the changelog:

Maian Support Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 4.3 (09/03/2020):
[+] Added draft option to ticket creation and reply screens. Draft is saved for textarea to help prevent loss of data.
[+] Added option to add custom admin pages. Useful for backend information in a secure area. Can be restricted to team members.
[+] Added option to add custom ticket statuses besides Open, Closed and Locked.
[+] Added option to disable spam notifications for admin support team. Useful if you prefer to check manually from time to time.
[+] Added option to spam settings to disable accounts when tickets are moved to spam. This prevents further tickets from being opened via email.
[+] Added optional custom email response for new tickets. You can now send a custom message when tickets are opened. Configurable per department.
[+] Added support for PHP7.4
[+] Added support for the server spam score headers (eg: SpamAssassin) to help detect spam tickets for the Tickets by Email option. This does not require CleanTalk to be enabled.
[+] In admin CP added F.A.Q history to question edit screen. Shows staff edit history. Optional.
[+] In admin CP added confirmation to check mail option on imap list screen
[+] In admin CP added one click view option for image type FAQ attachments
[+] In admin CP added option for admin staff to send update notifications to other staff when ticket replies are added
[+] In admin CP added option on assign tickets page to send update notification to visitors
[+] In admin CP added quick links to confirmation message popups for quicker access
[+] In admin CP on ticket view screen, one click delete options added to custom fields for quicker removal.
[+] In admin CP you can now re-order the main off canvas menu. Options you don't need can also be hidden.
[+] In admin CP, Move to Spam option added to ticket edit screen besides list screens.
[+] In admin CP, added 'Show All' option to show filters on all list screens
[+] Updated email digest for day restrictions for staff. Email can be sent on specific days.
[+] Updated email digest. You can now specify which emails are to be sent in emails.
[*] Department auto subject/comments/priority can now be enabled for admin tickets. Edit department to enable/disable.
[*] Improvements to imap routines for tickets with invalid data which caused crashes
[*] Improvements to sessions and session handling for enhanced security
[*] In admin CP, custom field and attachment deletions are now written to the ticket history
[*] Tickets opened by email for accounts disabled are now not permitted.
[*] Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.1.4)
[*] Updated and revised all document screenshots
[*] Updated imap routines to check for emails from staff accounts which would previously open new tickets. If detected, email is ignored as staff replies should come from the admin interface only.
[*] Updated jQuery library (3.4.1)
[*] Updated the "Send Notification to Admin When New Account is Created Manually" setting. Notification is now sent to all admins.
[*] You can now attach custom fields to individual accounts. Useful for getting specific information from certain accounts. Read the docs about this before use.
[*] Removed ticket reply status. Tickets are now simply open, closed, locked or have a custom status.
[-] Fixed BB code help page in admin that showed the same display for all list types
[-] Fixed account ticket history filters in admin CP which didn't work
[-] Fixed admin mailbox bug where Empty Bin button didn't display if inbox was empty
[-] Fixed case sensitivity issue with SSL ciphers when decoding licence files.
[-] Fixed export ticket history to CSV, which failed due to invalid parameter
[-] Fixed fatal error that occurred when an account was added by admin with the password left blank.
[-] Fixed http protocol issues for servers using ModSecurity that caused settings to not update
[-] Fixed issue where admins didn't receive ticket reply emails if ticket assign was used
[-] Fixed issue where private categories didn't display if no account filters were set
[-] Fixed issue with auto close cron job emails that included the standard ticket number even if random tickets were used
[-] Fixed several language bugs related to multiple languages where email templates weren't correctly loaded for the set language. Mainly applied to support staff.

Version 4.2 (12/11/2018):
[+] Added option for visitor to close their account to comply with GDPR law. This is optional and can be enabled in the admin CP in the account settings.
[+] Added option to disable HTML emails. Update your preference in your mail settings. Default is enabled.
[+] Added option to set default priority level for ticket creation screen. This defaults if the department auto population options aren't used. Settings > General > Ticket System
[+] Added option to set search keywords for FAQ questions. Helps visitors find relevant questions easier.
[+] In admin CP, visitor accounts can now be sorted by date added
[*] Account creation API now returns database ID number of account created. Useful for custom backend operations. See docs.
[*] In admin CP, for ticket list screens, notes icon has been moved to be always visible. Dark icons indicate ticket has notes.
[*] Ticket creation API now returns database ID number of ticket created. Useful for custom backend operations. See docs.
[*] Updated all ticket admin list screens to show at a glance assigned support agents/staff
[*] Updated password reset. If reset, visitor is forced to choose new password on login. Security enhancement.
[*] Updated tickets by email feature (imap) to use "reply-to" email address if set and different from "to" address.
[-] Fixed MySQL error when removing attachments from tickets via ticket edit screen
[-] Fixed a few doccumentation 404 links which were either incorrect or had moved to new urls
[-] Fixed admin ticket search issue where assigned user filters didn't work correctly
[-] Fixed api settings where enabling json enabled xml and vice versa. Language vars wrong way around.
[-] Fixed backup which was missing closing apostrophe on data causing backups to fail when imported
[-] Fixed imap encoding issue for emails encoded using windows-1256 charset
[-] Fixed issue where some attachment data was corrupted for imap routines
[-] Fixed issue with helpdesk status automatically switching back on if date field was empty.
[-] Fixed minor issue where action bar wasn't removed, if open, when tickets were deleted in admin
[-] Fixed potential overlay issue with bootbox plugin if buttons were double clicked
[-] Fixed tab index ordering on ticket creation page causing tabbing to be out of sequence

Version 4.1 (29/08/2018):
[*] Updated ticket quick view in admin to not lock tickets.
[-] Fixed bug preventing FAQ preview window from opening in the admin CP
[-] Fixed bug preventing imap folders from being read on imap settings page if SSL was enabled
[-] Fixed bug preventing spam tickets menu option from appearing for none admin support staff
[-] Fixed bug related to parse_str for Imap emails running PHP7.2+
[-] Fixed bug that caused other administrators to revert back to none admins when editing their own profile
[-] Fixed bug that prevented ticket history for being written for none admin support staff
[-] Fixed bug where "Display On The Following Days Only" for departments didn't work with none English languages
[-] Fixed bug where latest / popular FAQ limits were being ignored if set
[-] Fixed bug where some imap reply actions were being logged against the wrong tickets
[-] Fixed logging bug for email digest where function was outside query loop

Version 4.0 (08/03/2018):
[+] Added BBcode support for Daily Motion videos
[+] Added colour highlighters for priority levels on ticket list screens in admin CP
[+] Added email digest debug log. Can be enabled in the email-digest.php file. Mainly for dev debugging.
[+] Added imap ban filters. Easy way to block the sytem from reading certain emails when tickets are opened by email.
[+] Added last 20 replies (can be adjusted) to staff performance page
[+] Added lock/ close / open ticket options to ticket list screens for quicker ops
[+] Added missing doc page for other staff profile updates
[+] Added new imap option to prevent tickets from being re-opened by email if enabled
[+] Added new option to imap settings. Auto cleaning of quoted data in message body is now optional.
[+] Added option for random ticket numbers. If enabled, ticket numbers are generated randomnly
[+] Added option for staff to add custom notes to the ticket history.
[+] Added option to lock open tickets when being reviewed by staff. Helps prevent two staff from replying at the same time.
[+] Added option to set admin CP language for support staff. Useful for multilingual operations.
[+] Added option to set default department on ticket creation page load
[+] Added option to set default priority per department
[+] Added option to set ticket status as closed automatically for admin staff replies
[+] Added print option for tickets to admin ticket list screens and ticket view screen
[+] Added priority to ticket reply area so priority can be changed on ticket update
[+] Added staff report to staff list screen. Shows basic stats. Will be enhanced in future versions.
[+] Added support for PHP mail function, an alternative to SMTP.
[+] Added support for free live support system
[+] Added time tracking option to ticket view / reply page to see overview of current time worked on ticket
[+] Custom pages and FAQ questions can now load from custom templates. Useful for additional code execution and custom code.
[+] Department can now be preloaded on ticket creation page via 'set_dept' parameter. Example: index.php?p=open&set_dept=17. Requested Feature.
[+] Permission checks added to attachment downloads.
[+] Ticket admin search screens now display ticket status, eg: Closed, Open, Locked etc
[+] Various display improvements for small screens
[+] Visitor email address now visible on admin ticket view screen. Requested feature.
[*] Added easy options to move tickets to spam tickets. Spam system updated for standard and imap tickets.
[*] Added option to disallow opening of new tickets if at least 1 ticket is already open
[*] Added options to staff permissions. You can now set close and lock permissions for tickets.
[*] Added wordwrap options to settings for desktops, phone and tablets. Helps prevent display stretching. Previous versions had hard coded values.
[*] Additional Staff can now be administrators. If this is enabled, administrators have access to all admin areas.
[*] Admin homepage graph now shows all tickets for current and previous year. Filters removed.
[*] Admin slide menu changed due to licence changes with mmenu script from mmenu author
[*] Brand new admin control panel homescreen
[*] FAQ categories can now be restricted to individual accounts, not just logged in accounts
[*] FAQ questions can now only be in single categories as multiple categories are pointless for FAQ.
[*] Font awesome library updated to 4.7.0
[*] For API, attachments are now always renamed if the file exists, regardless of attachment settings. Prevents attachments being accidentally overwritten.
[*] If the FAQ / Knowledge Base system is disabled, it is now not shown in the left hand admin menu
[*] PHP min version required now 5.5 or higher. Older version support removed.
[*] PHPMailer library updated to 6.0.3
[*] Pagination HTML has now been moved to the template folders
[*] Password storage updated to use PHP's password bcrypt API. All passwords must be reset.
[*] Removed B8 spam filter and Google recaptcha service. Added support for CleanTalk anti spam API.
[*] Removed jPlot graph plugin, added Chartist graph plugin for lighter code and better responsive display
[*] Staff performance graph now shows just current year and previous year with additional stats added to page
[*] Twitter bootstrap library updated to 3.3.7
[*] Visitor portal FAQ categories and pages now accessible via off canvas menu
[*] jQuery form plugin updated to 4.2.2 for jQuery 3 compatibility
[*] jQuery library updated to 3.3.1
[*] Removed admin quick links menu
[-] Fixed BBCode video display for YouTube and Vimeo Videos, now responsive
[-] Fixed MySQL bug when searching the entry log in the admin CP
[-] Fixed bug that prevented standard responses from being searched if no department restrictions were set
[-] Fixed button label on add custom field page. Incorrectly labelled as 'Add New Level'.
[-] Fixed case sensitivity issue with user email addresses for some servers that prevented login
[-] Fixed display issue for certain BB code tags when wrapped inside other tags
[-] Fixed file upload issues related to invalid files
[-] Fixed various typos in documentation and language files and other small language bugs.
[-] Fixed version check link for main admin user, broke in previous version

Version 3.6 (14/07/2017):
[+] Added option for admin ticket search to also search ticket ID numbers on ticket list screens
[+] Added support for PHP7.1
[*] Improvements to imap routines and character encoding
[*] PHPMailer class updated to latest stable release (5.2.23)
[-] Fixed bug preventing staff members from filtering by tickets they were assigned to
[-] Fixed bug with ticket filters on certain installations. Broken via minor update.
[-] Fixed connection issue for imap routines when reading multipart/alternative messages
[-] Fixed imap spam filters issue where changes weren't reflected after page refresh
[-] Fixed upgrade routine mysql issue preventing 'apiHandlers' column from being added

Version 3.5 (18/01/2017):
[*] Updated PHPMailer class to v5.2.21
[-] Added date fixes to servers running MySQL in strict mode
[-] Fixed bug preventing tickets being moved to new account if email was updated by admin
[-] Fixed bug related to ticket edit reply permissions in admin control panel
[-] Fixed bug that caused admin added ticket to not appear on assigned page if set
[-] Fixed bug where base64 encoded imap messages were not being correctly identified and returning garbled code
[-] Fixed critical security issue with ajax calls for admin control panel. As reported by
[-] Fixed list tag BBcode display errors
[-] Fixed undefined index error on view ticket screens

Version 3.4 (02/06/2016):
[-] Fixed a couple of undefined index errors related to standard responses
[-] Fixed bug on closed disputes page for restricted staff members causing page to fail to load
[-] Fixed bug that caused name display errors for visitor who initially opened ticket
[-] Fixed bug that prevented departments from displaying on Thursdays if day was set.
[-] Fixed custom page error when header code was uncommented to show custom pages in menu
[-] Fixed display errors in Webkit based browsers due to invalid syntax in bootstrap CSS file
[-] Fixed invalid Run Now link for email digest on staff creation page. Broke in previous version.
[-] Fixed invalid image links in CSS files. Broke in previous version.
[-] Fixed javascript bug caused by minifying javascript files that prevented admin graphs from working. Broke in 3.3.
[-] Fixed minor duplicate div ID issue related to custom pages and FAQ

Version 3.3 (25/04/2016):
[+] Added support for PHP7
[*] API updated with option to send and save attachment with original file names
[*] Fixed a couple of typos in the English language files
[*] jQuery library updated to latest stable release
[-] Fixed API bug that prevented attachments from saving where tickets had single attachment. Possibly broke in 3.2.
[-] Fixed bug causing BB code to not parse at all on FAQ pages
[-] Fixed bug that caused admin footer text to display in the frontend footer
[-] Fixed bug that caused tickets to be hidden accidentally for tickets opened via email if a reply was received before the ticket was assigned. ie: auto reply
[-] Fixed bug that prevented create ticket page from working if no attachments were enabled
[-] Fixed database backup issue when database name was in uppercase characters
[-] Fixed display bug if BBCode was enabled, but the text contained no BB code
[-] Fixed imap decoding bug on certain HTML emails
[-] Fixed undefined error message when attachments were disabled

Version 3.2 (20/12/2015):
[*] Improved appearance of overlay spinner and improved positioning when screen was scrolled
[*] In admin, greyed out attachments boxes option to avoid confusion in the free version. Max 1 only.
[-] Fixed database error when tickets were filtered on account ticket history screen
[-] Fixed generic error message on installer and added more info if installer fails
[-] Fixed installer bug for database with hyphens in name
[-] Fixed issue that caused attachments to not be uploaded in the free version
[-] Fixed issue that caused standard responses to be saved with each ticket update
[-] Fixed issue that prevented certain BB code formatting on new pages
[-] Fixed issue with html characters in comments not displaying correctly.
[-] Fixed issue with incorrect links on admin homescreen.
[-] Fixed mail test for smtp setup. Not correctly configured in v3.1
[-] Fixed upgrade routine bug that caused spinner to keep spinning when ticket responses were added
[-] Fixed various department order by bugs where the ordering was incorrect
[-] Fixed various validation errors due to misplaced div if content screens contained no data.
[-] Fixed word wrap issue which caused links to invalidate on new pages over a certain length

Version 3.1 (14/10/2015):
[+] Added basic search to all ticket lists screen in admin control panel
[+] Added better debugging for file uploads to identify upload issues faster
[+] Added direction tag to header templates for languages that support ltr
[+] Added edit ticket / reply permission flags for support team members
[+] Added new admin screen "Search Tickets by Custom Fields". Enables ticket search via custom field value.
[+] Added option for attachments to be included in notification emails when ticket is opened by imap. Enable / disable in imap settings.
[+] Added option for visitor to resend confirmation email on account verification screen
[+] Added option to add custom pages. Pages can be visible in account area only and visibility can be set per account.
[+] Added option to disable account creation notification for imap tickets
[+] Added option to show ticket departments on certain days only.
[+] Added path check for local file FAQ attachments. If the file doesn't exist, link doesn't display
[+] Added ticket quick view links to all ticket list screens in admin. Enables quick view of ticket and replies.
[+] Added white label license. Market and sell the product as your own.
[+] FAQ questions can now be set as featured to always display on ticket homescreen
[*] Added option for visitors to filter F.A.Q search by individual categories
[*] Added option to display FAQ category question counts to settings under FAQ tab
[*] Admin account search screen merged with account management screen
[*] Admin mailbox messages marked as unread, now automatically move back to the inbox
[*] Admin post preview options removed
[*] Better support for small devices via Twitter bootstrap 3
[*] Deprecated MySQL functions removed and replaced with MySQLi
[*] Email digest updated to parse ticket date / times by staff timezone. Spam and assign included for users if permissions allow.
[*] Encryption systems updated from md5 to sha1 for better security. Fallback to md5 for existing logins.
[*] FAQ parent categories can now be set as private. If set, all sub cats and questions are visible only when a user is logged in.
[*] Google recaptcha upgraded to v2.0
[*] IP Addresses are now logged for ticket history entries
[*] Imap notification emails from admin now contain comments directly in email.
[*] Improved attachment handling when uploading files. Progress bars show upload status.
[*] In admin, assigned staff are now managed from the ticket edit screen, not the ticket view screen
[*] In admin, ticket attachments are now deletable from the ticket/reply edit screens, as well as ticket view screen
[*] Removed PHP4 support. PHP5 or higher now required.
[*] Removed ioncube encryption system
[*] Support staff with access to ticket assign page can now assign any ticket
[*] Ticket history entries now written for tickets / replies added via imap
[*] Ticket history now remains visible even when ticket is closed
[*] Tickets can now be deleted via all ticket list screens, not just closed
[*] Updated all post actions to use Ajax to prevent page refreshes
[*] Removed batch operations from admin advanced ticket search screen
[-] Fixed MYSQL error on admin ticket search screen
[-] Fixed MySQL error when replying to ticket and adding standard response
[-] Fixed a few bugs related to ticket assigning in admin
[-] Fixed bug causing all messages to be deleted when emptying mailbox bin
[-] Fixed bug causing data to be truncated for certain utf-8 characters
[-] Fixed bug causing valid emails to be flagged as invalid. ie, emails with + symbol.
[-] Fixed bug preventing admin support team responses page from returning no search criteria
[-] Fixed bug preventing none main admin staff member from adding departments
[-] Fixed bug preventing none main admin staff member from editing ticket
[-] Fixed bug preventing none main admin staff member from editing ticket replies
[-] Fixed bug related to filesizes on remote FAQ attachment files
[-] Fixed bug that caused FAQ attachments to display if they were disabled
[-] Fixed bug where admin purchase link didn't appear until after a licence was applied
[-] Fixed bug where ampersands weren't converted correctly in plain text emails causing login failures
[-] Fixed bug with enable account checkbox not saving on staff edit page in admin
[-] Fixed bug with uppercase characters in database name causing backup page to fail.
[-] Fixed fatal error when users were added to a dispute
[-] Fixed imap issues related to inline attachments and base64 encoded emails
[-] Fixed problems with UTC timestamps. May cause older tickets to show wrong time.
[-] Fixed several undefined error messages related to ticket updates
[-] Fixed visitor dispute search bug causing search to fail
[-] Various security fixes and updates

Version 3.0 (28/05/2014):
[+] (API) Accounts can now be opened via the api. Useful if you want to open a support account with the same login credentials after another operation. ie, a product sale.
[+] (API) Added api debug log. Useful to debug responses when using API method.
[+] (API) Now supports JSON as well as XML. Both methods can be enabled or disabled.
[+] (Admin) Added mail test options under smtp settings. Easily test emails are working OK. Supports multiple addresses.
[+] (Admin) Added new option on ticket search screen to export ticket overview stats for selected tickets
[+] (Admin) Added new option to tools page. Global Password Reset. Enables global password update. Note that this is ONLY available to the global administrator for security reasons.
[+] (Admin) Added new visitor accounts section to admin. Accounts can be managed or added via new section.
[+] (Admin) Added option not to send email notifications if visitor closes ticket with reply
[+] (Admin) Added option to specify alternative attachments base path.
[+] (Admin) Added option to specify how many entry logs to keep. Can help with database overheads.
[+] (Admin) Added reCaptcha theme and language settings to control panel
[+] (Admin) Backend notes can now be added for support team members
[+] (Admin) Brand new internal messaging system for admin users. Inbox, outbox and folder creation. Can be enabled/disabled per user.
[+] (Admin) If you add additional pages to the admin area (custom programmed), you can determine which staff members can access page via additional page rules.
[+] (Admin) New feature: Ticket History - Overview in admin of all ticket actions. Optional and can be enabled/disabled per support team user.
[+] (Admin) Tickets can now be added via the admin interface. Useful for phone queries.
[+] (Frontend) Added Print Friendly support for articles (
[+] (Frontend) Added better multi language support for visitors. You can now set a template set to load per language.
[+] (Frontend) Added option to require visitors to be signed in to open tickets. This is optional.
[+] (Frontend) Added options to set max login attempts and ban time for visitor accounts
[+] (Frontend) Added visitor account entry logs. Can be enabled/disabled per account.
[+] (Global) Added custom PHP error handler. Can be disabled if required.
[+] (Global) Brand new interface with html5 responsive layout for tablets/mobile devices. Uses twitter bootstrap.
[+] (Imap) Added skip filters. Any skip flags found permanently delete and ignore message. Useful for filtering out mailer-daemon messages.
[+] (Imap) Implemented Tobias Leupold's b8 spam filtering system ( Can be enabled per account. Helps to filter incoming spam to imap mailboxes. Messages can be deleted immediately or put on hold for later acceptance.
[+] (Imap) Improvements to imap functions. Added timeout and memory override options and also debug log.
[*] (Admin) Added option to most admin pages to set how many entries to load per page. This supercedes any set restrictions.
[*] (Admin) Added order by and filter by options to many admin pages.
[*] (Admin) Additional emails can now be set for admin users, so notifications can go to multiple addresses
[*] (Admin) All admin ticket lists (open, closed etc) now show last reply name, date and time.
[*] (Admin) Database backup email addresses are now remembered and auto filled next time.
[*] (Admin) Entry log can now be filtered by date range
[*] (Admin) Improvements to ticket assigning. Ticket ID and subject are now included in notification emails.
[*] (Admin) POP3 option removed from imap settings to avoid confusion. All imap accounts must now be set to read imap mailboxes.
[*] (Admin) Standard responses and FAQ questions can now be added to selected categories instead of single or all
[*] (Admin) Standard responses, priority levels, F.A.Q, departments, imap acccount, custom fields and users are now fully searchable
[*] (Admin) The ability to merge tickets is now optional and can be enabled/disabled per support team member.
[*] (Admin) Ticket search updated to search ticket subject and ticket notes
[*] (Admin) Updated admin ticket search to also search reply comments. This is optional.
[*] (Cron) Improvements to auto close routine. Tickets now grouped for visitors, resulting in single emails instead of multiple.
[*] (Cron) Improvements to email digest. Disputes only included if enabled. Ticket assign information only included if enabled. Digest can be enabled/disabled per support staff.
[*] (Frontend) Better search routine for visitor accounts with optional filters.
[*] (Frontend) Dispute system can now be enabled or disabled depending on preference. Disabled by default.
[*] (Frontend) Entry log now logs IP address
[*] (Frontend) F.A.Q attachments can now be in any location within the support system
[*] (Frontend) Standard responses can now be ordered for display order preference.
[*] (Frontend) Ticket attachments can now be enabled or disabled and also ordered on FAQ screens.
[*] (Frontend) Ticket/F.A.Q attachment paths are now masked and instead referenced by query string parameter.
[*] (Frontend) Visitors can now NOT add additional replies if tickets are waiting to be assigned to support staff.
[*] (Global) BBcode is now enabled by default for admin users. Optional for visitor accounts.
[*] (Global) Emails are now sent in html and plain text format by default for a nicer presentation.
[*] (Global) Javascript libraries updated to latest stable releases. jQuery to version 1.11.0
[*] (Global) PHP4 support dropped. Now only supports PHP5 or higher.
[*] (Global) Standard PHP mail option dropped. SMTP must now be used for all mail operations.
[*] (Global) Updated mailer to latest stable release. Added security options (tls or ssl) and debug mode to admin settings.
[*] (Imap) Added code to attempt to clean up quoted text better when reading emails. Not 100% accurate, but a step forward.
[-] (Admin) Fixed bug relating to admin reply ticket times and specific timezone settings.
[-] (Admin) Fixed bug with imap priority settings not saving
[-] (Cron) Fixed fatal error encoding issue preventing close tickets and email digest crons from executing.
[-] (Global) Fixed all pagination issues not including certain get parameters.

Version 2.2 (18/02/2013):
[+] Added batch operations to admin search screen
[+] Added new admin reports screen. Overview of total tickets with date,department etc filters and CSV export option
[+] Added new password reset option to reset admin user login details. Refer to FAQ in docs
[+] Added option to enable/disable system and re-enable on specific date (Settings)
[+] Added option to send email notification if tickets/disputes are auto closed by the system (Settings)
[+] Added popular BBcode formatting buttons to comments and reply boxes
[+] Added support for Vimeo and YouTube bbcode tags
[+] Added support for custom mail headers. Info on F.A.Q page in docs.
[+] F.A.Q categories now support sub categories
[+] F.A.Q questions now support attachments via new attachments section
[+] Priority levels can now be managed via the admin interface. Settings > Priority Levels
[+] Tickets can now be assigned to users/staff. This is available on a department level.
[*] Added better PHP5 timezone support. Legacy code for PHP4.
[*] Added option back in to auto parse urls into clickable links if BBCode is disabled.
[*] Admin messenger option can now send to specific support team members, rather than all
[*] Custom fields can now be set differently per department
[*] Database backup now only displays and backs up tables related to Maian Support schema, not all tables in database
[*] Encoding removed on 90% of files. Only certain core files are now encoded.
[*] Moved option to rename attachments into admin settings. Default changed to NOT rename on install.
[*] Update to stored dates & times for tickets/replies. Now stored as unix timestamps for better compatibility with timezones and server switches
[*] Updated XML voting system to use Json. Legacy support for PHP4 or older
[*] Updated jQuery library to latest stable release (1.83)
[*] XML-RPC API for data posts now supports base64 encoded attachments
[-] Fixed MySQL bug on tools page when purging tickets.
[-] Fixed a couple of minor PHP errors related to E_STRICT which were introduced in PHP5.4
[-] Fixed attachment path issue for admin emails. Broken in 2.1, but only applicable to 2.1
[-] Fixed bug where dispute names were not being correctly displayed on admin view dispute screen
[-] Fixed bug where priority level text was incorrect in imap emails
[-] Fixed bug where standard response categories were displaying incorrectly on standard responses page in admin
[-] Fixed bugs with pagination on admin log, ticket merge and search tickets screens

Version 2.1 (18/03/2012):
[+] Added 'from' name and email addresses for users for ticket notification emails
[+] Added BBCode support
[+] Added message preview options
[+] Added option to send user login details via email when added via admin
[+] Added optional e-mail notification for admin ticket edits. Silent mode can also be enabled which always sends notification to the administrative user
[+] Added separate email template files for imap tickets
[+] Added ticket notepad. Useful for backend notes
[+] Additional priority levels can be set if required. See docs
[+] Admin quick links for easy access to certain pages. See docs
[+] Custom fields for ticket creation and replies
[+] Database can now be backed up from admin
[+] Delete privileges for support team members
[+] Departments can now be re-ordered in drop down
[+] Dispute system so multiple users can view the same ticket
[+] E-mail digest. Daily notification (via cron) of open tickets/disputes. Commercial only
[+] Multi language interface possible. See docs
[+] Quick message preview for admin users to view ticket message without clicking to view ticket
[+] Ticket users can now have their portal access enabled/disabled via admin
[+] Tickets can now be opened from XML http data posts. See docs
[+] Unlimited imap accounts can now be set
[+] When adding departments, you can now pre-populate ticket subject/comments with default text. This is ONLY for the initial selection. It remains unchanged for further selections if the fields contain data
[*] Ad bar removed from free version
[*] Added MySQL locale and character set support
[*] Added password generator on user creation page
[*] Admin comments now included in outgoing emails as default
[*] Documentation updated and re-written
[*] Entry log can now be cleared on a per user level
[*] FAQ questions and categories can now be enabled/disabled
[*] FAQ renamed from Knowledge Base
[*] Many cosmetic improvements, code enhancements, bug fixes and security updates
[*] Re-structured attachments folder to prevent too many files being added to a single folder. Existing attachments use old paths
[*] Removed flash graphs in favour of jqPlot
[*] Removed jQuery auto complete function in favour of jQuerys native auto complete
[*] Removed spam sum and added support for Googles reCaptcha system
[*] Standard responses can now be enabled/disabled
[*] Ticket users can now update their email address and password
[*] Updated PHP mailing system to latest stable release
[*] User signatures can now be included in outgoing emails
[*] Visitors are now forced to select department rather than first one alphabetically being default
[*] XML routines updated and re-coded
[*] jQuery framework added for more robust javascript handling
[-] Issue causing standard responses callback to fail with certain foreign characters
[-] Issue where certain multi byte foreign characters were truncating message posts
[-] Issue where imap accounts didn't move mail if specified in settings. imap accounts only
[-] Issue where system wasn't always sending out notifications to admin users
[-] Issue with multiple attachments sometimes generating the same file name
[-] Javascript bugs related to html5 parser

Version 2.01 (13/11/2010):
[+] Source Guardian encoding system replaced with ionCube

Version 2.0 (12/06/2010):
[+] Access levels
[+] Admin portal options
[+] All deprecated warnings for PHP6
[+] Auto zipping option
[+] BB Code
[+] Ban filters
[+] Brand new system
[+] Captcha code in favour of simple sum
[+] Contact users option
[+] FULLTEXT search capabilities for knowledge base
[+] Import options
[+] Knowledge base categories
[+] Knowledge base voting system
[+] Licence Changed
[+] Live support module
[+] Multiple attachments
[+] MySQL4 support to installer
[+] Option to create tickets from e-mails
[+] PHP mailer system to latest stable releases (PHP 4 & 5)
[+] Savant template engine to include version 3 (Supports PHP4 & PHP5)
[+] Search engines
[+] Source guardian encryption
[+] Standard responses
[+] Ticket merge option
[+] Ticket portal and login
[+] Ticket/reply statistic graphs
[+] To XHTML Strict. 99% tableless layout
[+] User reply statistic graph

Version 1.3 (24/03/2007):
[+] Added SMTP options to settings
[+] Added ban filters
[+] Added filter by option for knowledge base in admin area
[+] Added option for admin to auto close tickets after x amount of days if no response is made
[+] Added option for admin to merge ticket on updating
[+] Added option for admin to permanently close tickets
[+] Added option to auto parse website name/paths in e-mail templates on install
[+] Added pagination to admin search page
[+] Added printer friendly version for admin when viewing ticket
[+] Added tools option to admin area to purge closed tickets or attachments
[*] Cosmetic update
[*] Free licence changed to the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Licence
[*] Minor coding updates/bug fixes/improvements
[*] Moved all html data to templates directory for easier editing of public view
[*] Moved all html table data to templates folder for easier editing
[*] Moved all style content to stylesheet for easier editing of public view
[*] Public interface updated with stand alone knowledge base
[*] Updated admin search to search ticket id
[*] Updated pagination to hide links if there are lots of tickets
[*] Visitor can now update the attachment with each response
[-] Made auto zipping of attachments optional and fixed problem uploading files with spaces
[-] Removed case sensitivity issue when specifying files for attachments

Version 1.2 (24/06/2006):
[+] Added ability for administrators to view user response times
[+] Added auto log in redirect to admin area to take admin direct to ticket
[+] Added e-mail notification option for users
[+] Added filter by options when viewing open or closed tickets
[+] Added live support module
[+] Added preview option for admin when adding tickets & responses
[+] Added signatures to users
[+] Added time offset function
[*] Added ability for admin to be able to update e-mail addresses
[*] Added ability to update captcha preferences in admin area
[*] Updated documentation
[*] Updated interface

Version 1.1 (18/03/2006):
[+] Added captcha code for spam prevention
[*] Updated login security vulnerability
[-] Fixed security vulnerability with admin login

Version 1.0 (10/09/2005):
[+] Version 1.0 Released

Latest Version - v4.4 - Coming Soon

The next release is being prepared. Here`s what new:

New in v4.4

- Added batch ops to all ticket list screens for faster processing
- Added year switcher for admin dashboard graph to see stats for selected years
- Added basic captcha as an alternative to the CleanTalk anti spam system
- Added support for Wysiwyg editor. Legacy version posts fall back to BB code if Wysiwyg enabled.
- Added option to set custom prefix for random ticket numbers
- Added official support for PHP8.0*
- Added option to specify whether 'Write Ticket History' box on ticket screens for admins is auto checked by default
- Added option to hide IP addresses on ticket view screens (control/options.php). Can be hidden for accounts, admin or both.
- Added {subject} variable for email language vars related to tickets. Parses as ticket subject.
- Update for admin CP ticket / reply edit screens. Attachments can now be added to original ticket message and ticket replies in admin CP
- Added option to move ticket/dispute from one account to another in the admin CP. Requires move privileges for none admins.
- In admin CP added staff option to auto set status on ticket reply page. Useful if a custom status is always needed after a staff reply.
- Added option to send email notification if support staff close or open tickets

Updated or Removed

- Security improvements and enhancements.
- Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.5.3)
- Updated Bootstrap library (3.4.1)
- Improvements to error and exception handling
- Updated jQuery javascript library (3.6.0)
- Import and export routines now use the system temporary folder. This is auto cleared by the garbage collector and is used for better performance.
- Security enhancement. Backup folder path must explicitly be set in admin CP now for security.
- Admin cookie option can now easily be switched off in the 'control/options.php' file
- Update to admin ticket reply screens. Attachments are now visible here same as ticket edit screens.
- In Admin CP, entry logs and work timers can now be individually disabled for admins, not just other support staff
- Main portal updated to include FAQ and pages on portal homescreen
- In admin CP when ticket is added, redirect screen is now view screen, not edit screen. This can be reverted back if required.
- In admin CP mail settings moved to individual page for easier access
- Improvements to HTML emails when reading via imap. If detected, only data between the body tags is parsed.
- Updated API to return comma delimited list of IDs when multiple accounts or tickets are added

Bug Fixes

- Fixed mail template path issue for ticket replies during imap (Tickets by Email) routines
- Fixed undefined logging error for imap (Tickets by Email) feature
- Fixed MySQL issue where integers were stripped from integer only queries when processing multi byte characters on older versions of MySQL
- Fixed MySQL join issue that resulted in ticket search returning a zero result set on some servers
- Fixed fatal error which occurred during account validation
- Fixed issue where new names for Open, Closed and Locked tickets under ticket statuses was not correctly displayed on certain admin pages and ops
- Fixed Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerability in first 4.3 branch (March 2020). Thanks to Besim Altinok.
- Fixed MySQL autoenable date issue for MySQL servers running in STRICT mode that disallow 0000-00-00 date fields.
- Fixed admin CP search tickets/custom fields bug that threw a database error when searching a date range
- Fixed MySQL error when dispute was locked by an admin user and another admin user viewed the same dispute
- Fixed issue where attachment options were still displayed even if they were disabled on admin reply screen
- Fixed bug where ticket assign count on admin dashboard and overview window was incorrect for tickets with a custom status
- Fixed read folders issue with imap when SSL was enabled causing mailbox to not connect
- Fixed bug where user setting "On Login, Go to Mailbox if at least 1 Unread Message in Inbox" didn't work.
- Fixed entry log filters in admin CP, which always showed all login events

Last updated: 26 November 2021
Release Date: In Beta
Please do not contact us about the release date, thank you.


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