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Just downloaded the free support ticket program and have immediately bought the paid version. This program is simple to install and fantastic to use. Just wanted to say thankyou to you. I had previously tried a few other programs which I ended up throwing away as being too complicated or a drastic overkill.

Yours is so simple and does everything needed to run my business online.
- Stephen Jones
I have been developing web sites since the 90s.

I have several of your scripts and decided it's time to send you a testimonial which I feel you rightly deserve.

Like all your other scripts that I have the pleasure of owning and using, your support script is the same quality as your other scripts, right from the same ease of installation, the same intuitive design, right up to the same ease of use, and you keep them updated, you certainly have a talent for this.

I have so many other scripts from other programmers that are all so often missing features, never updated, etc., so please keep up this great work.
- Chris Budd (budds.co.uk)
I want you to know that this is what I have been looking for over the past year ... the strongest value, right now, is that the app has functionality to connect particular fields to one or more departments. EXCELLENT!!!!!!
- Michael Pietrzak
Thank you so very much for the best helpdesk program available. The responsive design is the main reason I chose this one, and loving the simplicity of working it.
- BurkeKnight
After trying numerous free support ticket programs, I came across Maian Support. Compared to the rest that I tried this one not only looks more professional but it works more professional than the others. After two short days trying the free version I immediately purchased the full version. I especially like how the frequently asked question section is integrated into the program.

Ken Jarvis Photography
- Ken Jarvis
I have been always looking for a decent helpdesk for my URL shortener websites. I don't make money off these websites, so I couldn't afford to pay for SaaS helpdesks. I found Maian Support while I was trying out all the available helpdesk software out there. David replied to all my presale questions in a timely manner. I also see that he implemented a suggestion of mine, this makes me one step closer to buying the helpdesk. I finally bought it during promotional period (very thankful)! I like that Maian Support being a one-time payment licence (very suitable for personal use).

The installation process is a breeze (I love manual installation rather than Softaculous way). I also love the fact that it sports a responsive design and this makes it really neat regardless of different device screen sizes. The helpdesk just makes sense when using it as the useful functionalities and features are there. I use it with a free live chat software, they make a perfect combination. I do recommend this helpdesk!
- PS
I chose Maian Support for its clean and responsive UI. It was a snap to install and the priority support is excellent.
- Janet Jansen
This is going to work out great for me. I am a big fan of "keep it simple" and "solve the problem, don't make more." This system is perfect. Automatic ticket creation from inbound email. Auto account creation. Auto everything. Thanks again for building this great product. The mobile interface is great, too!!
- Henry Fell
I tried too many Support Systems until I meet with David. I am a programmer too, also a PHP Developer. I wanted a Responsive, Secure, Simple but Powerful system. And I found it with the Maian Support system. It's easy to install and fun to use! Also as a developer I can say that the system is secure and getting updates frequently. If you have a small business or a big company, use it without any hesitation!
- Evrim Altay K
I just wanted to let you know that I`ve been showing off the Support tool to senior managers in the charity I work for. They are very impressed with it. They liked its simplicity and how clean it looked and simple to use. So I thought I should share their positiveness with your brilliant work, at a sensible price, which I believe will make a big difference to the way this little charity will manage a number of issues it has, so thank you.
- Mike Foston
As a business owner who needs to provide a decent level of support to my customers and visitors I have been on the look for a fantastic support system that is suitable for the needs of my website. There is not many systems today that allow customers to email you and it automatically opens a ticket for them, just like this system does. I would and am recommending the Maian Support System to anyone needing to provide services on their website.

The support is also fantastic and is always replied to in a speedy and polite manner. I am in no way linked in with the Owner or this Support System software. I am providing 100% genuine feedback. To verify this you can contact me at the website below if required.

Zac Drayson
Zac's Designs Owner
- Zac Drayson
The best Support software I have seen, thank you David for all your awesome work
- Tim Vercoe
Thank you for your prompt response, makes me feel even better about deciding on this help desk.
- Christopher R. Soltys
I would firstly like to thank you on the time and effort spent on this product. I think it is awesome.
- Alvern St Hilaire
Your support script has been a complete life saver for me, handling 100's of tickets in a completely professional way.
- The VideoSwiper Team
You guys really nailed it with the tickets becoming disputes. Really clever. As far as I know, not a single Help Desk app has this feature and it is exactly what I was looking for. I found you through specific search engines searches. I went through a dozen trials of big name Help Desk SaaS services and none of them supported sharing a ticket between two customers. Your niche market is not limited to gaming sites, but more importantly to e-commerce marketplaces like myself where you can easily have daily disputes between buyers and sellers. I am glad I found your company and will sure stick around for along time to come.
- Hamada
I have really respected the Maian Help Desk system after one of our IT staff researched and recommended it in 2015. We have been using it ever since, but recently needed to upgrade from 3.6. Now I have the feel for the 4.1 after setting it up on one help desk and it is a complete WOW.

It works beautifully. Thank you Sir for creating, maintaining, and updating this beautiful software.
- Vassil Loutchev, Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd
I'm glad I decided to purchase this script. Maian Support is light and easy to install. The structure was clear, logical and effective. David has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. The main benefits came from our colleagues and our management team sending in their support requests, receiving individual feedback and interacting with my IT team flawlessly. Thank you David for a almost perfect product at a reasonable price! You are indeed a maverick
- Gopalakrishnan Nair, IT Manager, EMRAIL SDN BHD, www.emrail.com.my
I am a complete newbie to php ticket support applications....it is not part of my job and I am not even a programmer. So when my partners told me to get a ticket support system up and running, with a "just make it happen" attitude, I was a bit overwhelmed.

Lucky for me I stumbled onto Maian Support and found David Ian Bennett. I do not know if Maian is a good support system or not, it does not really matter. What I do know is that David offers the best support and services I have ever received. I have asked him endless questions (some of them really stupid) and he never gives up....his patience is endless.

I do not know David, we have never met and I have never spoken to him on the phone. For me, David is just a guy who really does give you "a helping hand" when you need it.

Kudos to you David, you deserve it!
- Pakapaka (MSWorld Forums)
I really love your support script in terms of its simplicity, ease of use, and features. Thanks for developing a fantastic product that has great value for money
- Francis Javier
I`m very happy after testing that we will have such a fine system to serve some of our communication needs. Very well thought out and effective system.
- Vassil Loutchev

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