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If you are currently using Ticket Desk Pro, please read the following:

In 2008 I formed a partnership with Frank Haywood. Some of you may know Frank from his blog. In July 2008, as part of our marketing ideas we re-branded Maian Support into TicketDesk Pro. This was in essence, Maian Support v1.3, with a few new features and one or two bug fixes. It was also re-branded into a commercial app.

TicketDesk Pro saw quite a few sales and many happy users, however Frank decided to source help from the Phillipines and the support declined, which wasn`t acceptable to me as Frank went back on his promise of personally handling all the support for Ticket Desk Pro. As such, I decided to sever our business relationship. I sincerely apologise to anyone who had bad support from Frank for Ticket Desk Pro.

When I decided to finally re-code the system I reverted the software back to its origin as Maian Support and discontinued TicketDesk Pro. This will no doubt please the many people who have contacted me about Maian Support.
I feel its very unfair for purchasers of TicketDesk Pro to have to pay yet another licence, so I`m offering a single domain licence to all TicketDesk Pro users completely free of charge. If you are using TicketDesk Pro, please do the following:

1 - Download and install Maian Support to make sure everything works ok. For verification, you MUST install the system on the same domain as your current TicketDesk Pro installation.

2 - Log into your Maian Support admin area and click 'Purchase' or 'Purchase Full Version' (older releases) from the top of the screen. Make a note of the product key code.

3 - Contact me for your free licence. You`ll need to send me the domain you have installed the system on, the current url where you have TicketDesk Pro installed and the product key code for Maian Support. I`ll then get back to you with your free commercial licence file.

David Bennett
Maian Script World


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